Strategic Pricing

Meredith N. attended the Pricing Workshop organized by Stephan Liozu, President and CEO of Ardex Americas, in October 2012, and reflected on her experience: “I have just begun my MBA program and I only have one year of professional work under my belt, and the best part is I am not always great at Math!  Needless to say, I was slightly intimidated to attend the Pricing Workshop but I knew that it would provide a great learning experience.  I knew, before entering the workshop, that pricing was a component to all industries but this workshop took that thought to a whole new level.  I realized that you can’t pull numbers out of a hat and it is not best practice to base a product’s price off of your competitors price because it can cause pricing wars which in turn can hurt you, the competition, or both.  I learned that there are several ways for companies to determine prices and they include, internal people, a computer system, or an external vendor.  This workshop was so intriguing that I will be registering for the pricing class.  I believe, based off of what I learned at the workshop, that learning this information will allow me to have a better foundation for understanding all components of business.  I also think that it is pretty neat that you will be able to take the exam to become a Certified Pricing Professional after the course, which will be a big resume builder.  The instructor for the pricing course, Stephan Liozu, presented at the workshop.  I could see his eagerness to share the wealth of information he has on pricing with everyone in the room.   I think that he will be able to provide everyone with great insight throughout the entirety of the class.”

Mr. Liozu, a Certified Pricing Professional, and a board member of the Pricing Society, will begin teaching the MBA course on Strategic Pricing in summer 2013, along with support from CEO and staff of PricingCloud.


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