Social Events

Carlow MBA student Casey S. attended MBA Night at the symphony and wrote a review:

“MBA night at the Pittsburgh Symphony was held at Heinz Hall on January 21, 2011. The night started around 6:30 p.m. with great array of Italian food and drinks. Upon my arrival I was really impressed.  They had a nice dining area set up for all the students and professors from the different Universities in the Pittsburgh area. I happened to run into one of my old professors from my undergraduate days at Robert Morris University, Professor Manna.  It was nice catching up and talking to him—we even got a picture together. I also ran into Professor Chung and got to spend some time talking with and learning about her, my class and the Carlow MBA program. We also got a picture together at the event.

“During dinner, I met some other students from Carlow University who were in the MBA program, along with other students in various MBA programs in the area. It was fun meeting and discussing with my peers about the MBA programs and the jobs we all wanted to pursue.

“After dinner and a little chatting Abbamania! started and we all enjoyed the performance. ABBA was very talented. I thought it was a great event and I really enjoyed talking to all the professors and students. Everyone who attended the event seemed to have a terrific time. I definitely would attend another event like this in the future and feel it would be beneficial for any student to attend. I hope more events are planned in the future with a similar format. It was nice having drinks and dinner before the show—it set the tone for the night and everyone was excited to see ABBA give it their all!”

Casey and Dr. Chung

Casey and Dr. Manna

Thanks, Casey!

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