MBA Student, Kimberly Snyder reflects on her experience listening to Executive-in-Residence, Anita Brattina, CEO of AllFacilities:

“AllFacilities CEO, Anita Brattina, dominated AJP on October 9, 2012 with her endearing presentation, revealing successes and disappointments along her journey of becoming an admirable woman in business. Ms. Brattina spoke of all the stepping stones and roadblocks that led her to where she is at today – leaving a job that she knew and loved, to finding a vision. It was clear from the beginning that Ms. Brattina had a drive to accomplish success, and spoke of all the things she has learned along the way, like always asking for help, especially from the experts who have or can show you the answers and “You have to have some idea of where you are going.” Ms. Brattina’s narrative of her trek to professional victory was enticing to those that dream of becoming a successful individual with her powerful summary of her “Y’s in the road.” From her discussions of Powerlink to the breakaway of her AllFacilities Management Company in 2003 to AllFacilities Energy Group, it was very obvious that she followed the right paths that veered her to the person she is today.

As a second-year MBA graduate student, listening to Ms. Brattina’s stories were quite fulfilling, and it made me realize that we could do anything if we put our minds to it. The motto is to “never give up.” You could be unhappy in your current job, or where your life is going, and all it takes is a good “letter to the editor” to spring into action to accomplish your goals. It takes a lot of courage to give up something that you are used to, and acknowledging where you want to go. I think Ms. Brattina showed us that she’s an example of the good that will come if you put your mind to it. Also, Ms. Brattina showed that it is important to be creative and innovative, because there are so many new ideas out there!

I encourage all those that have a dream of wanting to be successful to pick up Anita Brattina’s memoir,  Diary of a Small Business Owner, which goes more in depth of discussing the triumphs and the hardships of what she went through. The book is very inspiring, and I believe she is a great inspiration for all future business leaders. “‘

Click to hear Anita Brattina for yourself!

Carlow MBA student Laurie Kellem discusses Carlow University Executive-in-Residence, Karen Dunn Kelly:

“Carlow University Executive in Residence, Karen Dunn Kelley gave a very informative presentation on corporate social responsibility (CSR). In addition, she provided relevant information about global asset growth and how it affects individuals, governments and countries. In relation to CSR, internally Investco focuses on client growth and diversity within their workforce; externally, they are concerned with their global footprint and how it impacts the environment. Additionally, Investco believes in giving back and through a team of volunteers, Investco is making a difference in their surrounding communities. The two most interesting facts I took away from the presentation were, while the U.S. has the highest percentage of household financial assets, we have the lowest savings rate compared to other countries. Second, while China currently has the second largest economy, they will soon have the world’s largest economy. If corporations are looking for global opportunities, China cannot be ignored. I have been truly impressed by the knowledge and presentation skills of the Executive in Residence speakers!”

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