Corporate Social Responsibility

Carlow MBA student Casey S. attended Carlow’s Corporate Social Responsibility Speaker Series event with Howard Stern and wrote a review:

“On Thursday February 10, 2011, Howard Stern, PhD, spoke at the A.J. Palumbo Hall of Science and Technology on the Carlow University campus.  Stern is the director and chief information officer for the City of Pittsburgh, and not only gave a great presentation, but he was a terrific speaker and a funny gentlemen.  His presentation was called “Ethical Challenges of IT Leadership.” Before I attended this event, I was unaware of how many ethical issues Stern has to face within his field—it is truly amazing the relevant and ethical issues faces on a daily basis.

“Stern presented the most recent ethical issues that he has been dealing with in the City of Pittsburgh.  Some of the ethical issues included:

  • the media’s requests to see the mayor’s schedule,
  • individuals requesting to see city camera footage,
  • city managers requesting to see employee’s emails,
  • employees viewing pornography,
  • employees using the internet on the job, and (last, but not least)
  • censoring postings on the municipalities Facebook page.”Stern talked about each of these issues and described how the City of Pittsburgh handled these particular ethical situations. He did a great job of getting the audience involved in the presentation by asking us what we thought the city should do. Members of the audience shared their opinions as well as their own experiences within their work environment.

“Overall, it was a great event and Stern did a fantastic job with his presentation. It was not only very educational and interesting, but it was very entertaining as well. I was very glad I was able to attend the event!  It was great to get Stern’s point of view on the ethical issues he deals with on a daily basis. I look forward to seeing who will be the next speaker in Carlow University’s CSR Speaker Series.

“I also want to make a note that at this event we said a prayer for Sister Grace Ann Geibel who recently had a stroke. She has done a lot for the University and the Carlow community. Our prayers are with Sister Grace Ann and we are all pulling for her to get well.”

Carlow MBA student, Carerra M., also attended the Howard Stern lecture and wrote a reflection:

“Dr. Howard Stern, the CIO of the City of Pittsburgh was engaging and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Stern and would without a doubt attend another presentation from him.

“The ethical challenges Dr. Stern faced thorough out his work career were definitely not issues I thought would be considered the IT department’s responsibility.  IT departments are typically thought of to be black and white; without biases, values, beliefs, and emotions getting involved.  However, Dr. Stern proved it can be quite the opposite.

“It was very intriguing to hear of the recent controversial issues he has faced such as those with dealing with pornography and Facebook. Asking for our opinions on how to handle situations and then showing us how he dealt with the issue was eye opening for me in how my thoughts rank against Dr. Stern’s.

“Dr. Stern’s presentation stirred the thoughts and emotions of everyone in the audience, which what a good speaker should do.  I like being part of something that is invigorating and stimulating to my thinking.  I will admit, I questioned some of my views when other counteracting opinions were presented from the audience, yet I learned something about myself from it.  I feel as if I am engaged in the process of learning how to become a better leader and make informed and sound decisions, and Dr. Stern helped in my progress.”

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