Carlow MBA Student Team Selected for the the Spring 2013 Idea Foundry’s Intersector Accelerator Program!

In Fall 2012, Carlow MBA students participated in a social enterprise competition hosted by Idea Foundry and two teams were recognized for their outstanding work. In Spring 2013, the Farm Truck Foods Team (Carlow students Lea Steadman, Michelle Lagree, and Meredith Neel, and Chatham student Landon DePaulo) has been accepted into the Spring 2013 Idea Foundry’s Intersector Accelerator Program. The team was chosen from over 50 applicants to participate in the program. The 12-week program will allow the team to further develop Farm Truck Foods with funding of up to $10,000 in development costs. Once the team completes the 12-week program, they are eligible for the “Transformation Program” which includes additional development and funding opportunities. The student team is very excited about this real opportunity for business development, and is looking forward to this entrepreneurial pursuit. This project was developed under the guidance of Professor Peggy McGarry while the Carlow students were enrolled in the MBA Strategic Planning course.To learn more about Idea Foundry’s Intersector Accelerator Program, please visit their website at

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