Carlow MBA Students Received Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training with Lunametrics

In Spring 2013 LunaMetrics provided a free four-week training course on the fundamentals  Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) in which at least three Carlow MBA students participated. The students develop valuable knowledge and skills in SEO with SEO Department Coordinator Andrew Garberson. At the conclusion of the training, students worked in teams to help non-profit organizations search-engine optimize their websites.

LatoyaMBA student LaToya Johnson shared her experience from participating in this training program. “I worked on a team with a Carlow MBA grad student alumnus Danielle Thomas (we have worked together in the past as well) and a Carlow undergrad alumnus.  We were paired with The Education Partnership; a local non-profit organization that provides free school supplies to Pittsburgh and surrounding area schools that receive 70% or more free lunch program assistance.   We learned that The Education Partnership wanted to attract more donations and volunteers to reach more schools.  Organically producing SEO is the right tool to reach these goals by guiding online market strategies.

The course content was very technical but the director Andrew Gaberson made it retainable via power point presentations, lectures, and providing many examples.  In the end my team came up with a SEO website audit that is invaluable to the organization.  We presented that audit to the directors of LunaMetrics and they were thoroughly impressed.

After the course was over Danielle and I visited The Education Partnership to present our audit and tour the facility.  The organization was bright, well decorated, and full of organized supplies / donations.  We sat with the directors of marketing there and had an hour long brainstorming session.  When all was said and done we walked away with two new friends and an organization that we sincerely believe in as we both continue to volunteer with the organization.  As for LunaMetrics I received a certificate of completion as well as a personal recommendation letter from the director.  If this opportunity comes around again I would encourage other students to take advantage; not only will you gain knowledge, great networking opportunities, and a certificate.  You may also discover a passion that you didn’t know that you possessed.”

MBA student Ben Saunders also shared his experience in this training program.

“Through Carlow University, I became aware of the SEO training opportunity with LunaMetrics.  LunaMetrics is a Google Analytics Certified Partner who works with Google and other Certified Partners.  In partnering with Google Analytics and other Certified Partners, LunaMetrics consults with a variety of companies with the objective to maximize their websites SEO.

The training took place at LunaMetrics’ office in the South Side of Pittsburgh.  I, along with a team of two other trainees, worked directly with Community Technical Assistance Center (CTAC), a local nonprofit organization.  Our objective was to directly apply the skills that we acquired during the training to CTAC’s website, and implement suggestions on how CTAC can improve their website’s SEO.  When we presented our work to CTAC’s representative, she was very excited about applying our suggestions to CTAC’s website.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and it provided me with a set of valuable and up-to-date skills that will assist me in obtaining professional recognition and will greatly benefit me as I progress through my academic and professional endeavors.  The SEO training also provided me with the opportunity to network with various professionals and students in the region, and I have made some particularly valuable professional relationships.

Carlow University does an excellent job with informing us of the latest professional development opportunities in the region, and the staff at Carlow encourages and challenges us to pursue these opportunities.  I am currently in my second semester in Carlow’s MBA program, and I am very pleased with the Universities level of interaction with the professional community.

“There is no security in life, only opportunity.” – Mark Twain.  Thus far, my experience at Carlow University has been exceptionally opportunistic.”


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