2013 MBA Student Award: Shelley Niccolai

NiccolaiphotoShelley Niccolai is a Human Resource Professional with over 7 years experience in the HR field most recently joining the Bobby Rahal Automotive Group as a Human Resource Manager. Besides her MBA in Executive Management from Carlow University, she holds a B.S in Human Resource Management from Geneva College where she graduated with “Highest Distinction” and was one of a only a handful of students chosen to present at Geneva’s Research Honors Symposium which honors students’ high achievements in applied research project work.

Here is Shelley’s fondest memory of Carlow MBA: “My favorite memory of the Carlow MBA program was most definitely partaking in the Global Business trip to Beijing, China.  The exposure to an entirely different culture and their business processes was such a wonderful learning experience professionally and personally.  I carry nothing but great memories of the trip and I will never forget the feeling of climbing the Great Wall!  I strongly encourage any current and future MBA students to travel abroad with this course if they have the opportunity!”

“Shelley was not only a bright student, she was hard-working, collaborative, and genuinely kind. Shelley truly represents what Carlow is about – scholarship, leadership, and compassion,” recalled Professor Rachel Chung of one of her favorite students.

Shelley will accept her MBA Student Award during Carlow’s Honors Convocation on April 18, 2013.

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