2013 MBA Student Award: Kimberly Snyder

Snyder croppedKimberly Snyder is a Formulation Chemist with over 6 years of experience in the Science & Technology field working for PPG Industries, Inc. Most recently, her job title has changed to Account Management, where she provides sales and service to a multi-million dollar customer. Besides her MBA in Business Administration/Innovation Management from Carlow University, she holds a B.S in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, where she graduated magna cum laude or high honors, and was one of ten students chosen for the Robert E. McClure award, which recognized outstanding academic achievement in the chemical sciences and for having shown a probability for success in the field of chemistry.

What is Kim’s fondest memory of her Carlow MBA experience? “My favorite class in the Carlow MBA program was Managing Creativity and Innovation, taught by Dr. Enrique Mu. Because of my science and math background, I was looking forward to delving into my creative side, which Dr. Mu brought out with his teaching via movies, assignments, readings, and case studies. My advice to future MBA students – don’t be afraid to be creative and think creatively! I didn’t think I could do it because my brain was trained to be analytical, but this class really opened my eyes and mind to the creative process. Creativity comes in many different forms, and I’m happy to know that I do have a creative side!”

“As a scientist, Kim naturally excelled in the MBA Research course. However, Kim’s work demonstrated so much more than just analytical skills. Kim was a collaborative leader and a driving force behind the successful project completed for her group’s client Ardex Americas, ” recalled Professor Rachel Chung.

Kim will accept her MBA Student Award during Carlow’s Honors Convocation on April 18, 2013.

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