MBA Guest Speaker: Mimi Huang from United Nations, 8pm-9pm Thursday February 7, 2013

MIMI @ UN upgrade vote Palestine GA

Mimi Huang after the voting for Palestine’s status upgrade in the UN General Assembly, November 29, 2012

Please join us for an exciting opportunity to meet Mimi Huang from the United Nations. Mimi will be a guest speaker for the course MBA738 Global Business, but all Carlow members are welcome to join us in this virtual event.

Presentation Title: United Nations: Challenges in Managing Diverse Global Operations

Mimi will provide a brief overview of United Nations, and discuss challenges of managing global operations. Mimi will also answer any questions you have about UN!

Date: Thursday February 7, 2013

Time: 8pm-9pm (presentation + Q&A)

Location: WebEx virtual conference (instructions available after RSVP)

RSVP: Click here (You’ll need to ask Mimi a question; WebEx instructions available after RSVP)

Bio: Ms. Mimi Huang currently works at the United Nations (UN) Operations and Crisis Centre at the UN Headquarter in New York (NY). She has spent almost five years in the area of peace and security in the NY location working in the Department of Safety and Security, the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, and her current office with the UN Secretariat. She started her UN career in development in Tokyo, Japan working with the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and then in Quito, Ecuador with the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). She then spent about 15 months in a UN peacekeeping mission in Timor-Leste before returning to the United States.

Prior to the UN, Mimi worked in the Interaction Laboratory at Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Tokyo, Japan. Mimi received her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and Japanese at Carnegie Mellon University, and master’s degree in Development Economics at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in Quito, Ecuador. Mimi is currently pursuing her second master’s degree in Information and Knowledge Strategy at Columbia University. Mimi is proficient in Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Japanese, and is currently studying Arabic.

Disclaimer: Everything expressed in this presentation reflects solely Mimi’s personal perspectives and does not represent the official position of the United Nations.

Systems Requirement: A decent PC with broad-band internet connection, an audio output device (loudspeakers or headset – for listening to the event) and a microphone (for speaking in the event). A webcam is preferred (so we can see you!) but not required. Those without Internet connectivity can dial in a 1-800-number to join audio only. For more details please see specs here.

Questions? Please contact Rachel Chung at

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2 Responses to MBA Guest Speaker: Mimi Huang from United Nations, 8pm-9pm Thursday February 7, 2013

  1. Jacque Foradori says:

    I really enjoyed the presentation and found Mimi to be highly knowledgeable about the UN. This presentation has given me a better sense of how foreign businesses have to take into account not only the industry they are involved within, but one has to look in-depth into the country they are going to do business in; ranging from the relations that country has with the United States, how the country is doing financially, and how one can help that country advance in to being financially stable or economically stronger.

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