What professional certification would you like to feature on your resume?

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Whether you are an MBA student, alum, or a prospective student, you might have heard of professional certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP). Do you know that our MBA courses prepare you for many of the certifications that are available from well-known organizations, such as the Project Management Institute? Here we have a brief discussion of the types of certifications that are available to aspiring managers. At the end of this brief article, please vote for your favorite two certifications, and see what other MBA students think!

One of the first courses you take in the MBA program is about Information Technology for the business world. If you are interested in IT service management, you might want to look into the certification in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) from the highly respected ITIL organization.

If you are security-minded, you would certainly be interested in the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential. In particular, they have a concentration on Management, which focuses on managerial elements such as project management, risk management, setting up and delivering a security awareness program, and managing a Business Continuity Planning program.

One of the core courses in the Carlow MBA curriculum is Project Management. This course is designed based on the Project Management Institute’s guidelines, and so the content certainly prepares you for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam.

If you have enjoyed the Managing Organizational Change and Innovation course, you might be interested in the certification in Change Management offered by the ProSci organization. This program is recommended by our 2011 Executive in Residence Mr. Stephan Liozu, president and CEO of Ardex Americas.

If you love marketing and consumer behavior, or enjoy the supply and demand curves in microeconomics, you might want to check out the Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) credential. Pricing is an important business function that requires a unique skill set of consumer psychology, economics, and analytical skills. This program is also recommended by our 2011 Executive in Residence Mr. Stephan Liozu, president and CEO of Ardex Americas, who is a CPP and is on the board of the Pricing Society.

Finally, if you have enjoyed the Global Business course, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that the course actually prepares you for the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) credential available from the National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators (NASBITE).

Whew! This is quite a long list! Getting these certifications take time, and some investment in the certification fees. However, if you are passionate about the area, becoming certified may enhance your career in significant ways. Most importantly, membership in the professional organization that provides the certification would allow you to stay connected to professionals sharing your passion and interests, and to stay current in your chosen field.

Are you interested in pursuing any of these certifications? What do you think your classmates, alums, or other fellow MBA students are interested in? Use the poll below to tell us your top three favorites, and you can find out what others think by viewing the poll results!

Any thoughts or questions? Leave a comment below!


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