Carlow MBA Professors Give Virtual Presentation to University of Zagreb Students in Croatia


Carlow University has been home to thousands of lectures over the course of its 83-year existence. Dozens of chalkboards and whiteboards have been covered with notes, but calling upon the latest technology, Carlow professors Howard Stern, PhD, and Enrique Mu, PhD, have moved from the whiteboard and onto the Web, delivering a PowerPoint presentation-based lecture to students at the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

“It all started with a working relationship,” says Mu, the MBA program director at Carlow University. While attending a conference in Prague in 2009, he met Tihomir Hunjak, PhD, the dean of the School of Informatics at the University of Zagreb, along with faculty member Nina Begičević, PhD. During Begičević’s semester-long visit to the University of Pittsburgh, Mu invited her to attend his Advanced IT and IT Management class at Carlow.

As the relationship between the two schools continued to grow, the University of Zagreb inquired about the skills of Mu, an expert in analytic hierarchy process (AHP). Mu had used AHP to help the City of Pittsburgh choose Google for its cloud computing options. “It was one of the biggest projects I have ever done,” says Mu.

Putting their wealth of knowledge about AHP and cloud computing to the test, the two Carlow professors, who co-teach the Politics and Technology course shared their experience with students at the University of Zagreb. “This is where education is going, and we want Carlow to be at the forefront,” says Stern, who came to Carlow less than a year ago to spearhead the University’s digital initiatives.

More than 100 University of Zagreb students voluntarily attended the professors’ virtual cloud computing lecture. Nikola Kadoić, master of informatics and teaching and scientificassistant at Zagreb’s Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI), says students were, “very positively surprised about this lecture…they are very honored.”

With the groundbreaking lecture behind them, the two professors are already looking towards the future. Teaming up with University of Zagreb professors, a return lecture is being planned in which the Croatian school will take its turn teaching Carlow’s students.

“It just goes to show the importance of forging new relationships,” says Stern, who is keen on making events like this a standard in education. “Many people don’t think it can be used on a large scale, but it can.”

The entire video recording of the presentation (about 75 minutes long) is available through the following link:

Source: Carlow Sun (August 2012 edition)


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