Dr. Rachel Chung featured on BBC World News!

Dr. Chung on BBC

On August 6, 2012, BBC World News featured the news story “Seeing Double” about Twins Days Festival, the world’s largest gathering for twins and multiples. In this story, Dr. Rachel Chung was interviewed about her research on internet usage and security with the twins on site. The news story is available at


The interview took place when Dr. Chung was collecting research data with MBA students David Carroll and Amy Timo, Carlow graduate Jennifer Bourne, MBA candidate Manika Mehta (Kumari), Jewish Community Center teacher Michelle Lu, and University of Pittsburgh PhD candidate Chenjui Su. During the festival, the research team collected data from more than two hundred pairs of twins. By comparing behaviors of identical to fraternal twins. Dr. Chung hopes to estimate the heritability of online behavior. including security behavior.

This research is a collaboration with Dr. Dennis Galletta from University of Pittsburgh, and is funded by Geibel Institute of Justice and Social Responsibility of Carlow University, and Katz Graduate School of Business of University of Pittsburgh. Funding from Institute of Fraud Prevention is pending.


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