Executive in Residence: Mr. Stephan Liozu

Stephan Liozu's photo
On October 11, 2011, Mr. Liozu from Ardex Americas gave a fun, energetic and powerful presentation on Corporate Social Responsibility to the Carlow community.

Carlow MBA student Leon Moore, a quality supervisor at UPMC, reflected on Liozu’s presentation: “As I listened to Mr. Liozu, I felt a sense of, I am not alone. The stories he shared about being involved and valuing your employees is everything that I have felt and wanted to see employed in the places I have worked. I have recently been promoted to supervisor and understand that there are some limitations to what I can implement but I have worked for many people and know that I would never want to treat my employees like I have been treated. It is in my nature to be engaging and open and sometimes upper management looks down on that. I want to be like Mr. Liozu, I want to foster change that is good for our employees and best for the company. The bottom line will be achieved if you respect those that work with you, not for you, but with you. This is the message that I got from Mr. Liozu.”

Mr. Liozu has been featured numerously times in business media, including cover story for Smart Business magazine (click for full story), and Detroit PBS Business show (click here for video). Mr. Liozu is winner of the 2012 Diamond Awards by Pittsburgh Business Times.


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