Executive in Residence: Karen Dunn Kelley

On January 24, 2012, Ms. Karen Dunn Kelley, Senior Managing Director and Head of Invesco Fixed Income, Global Trading and Co-Chair Investors’ Forum, gave an extremely passionate presentation on international business, and why Carlow MBA students need to pay attention to global markets.

MBA student Monique DeMonaco reflected on her experience participating in this executive in residence event: “The Executive In Residence presentation with Karen Dunn Kelley began with the tried and true pizza party mixer that provides a nice opportunity after a busy day to kick back and catch up with old friends, meet new faces and to mingle with some of your favorite professors and staffers. In addition, Karen was there to meet and talk with students before her presentation and she proved to be delightful and engaging and her obvious love of Carlow shines through.

I have attended several of these Executive In Residence presentations and I can tell you Karen was one of the best. Ms. Kelley gave an excellent overview of how the globalizaton of the financial markets affects investments and how the catalys of the diverse demographics and the opportunities due to retirement throughout the world as middle classes are evolving in developing countries provide a tremendous pool of investable assets all across the globe! For those of us who have studied International Business or maybe even participated in Carlow’s maiden trip to China last spring, Ms. Kelley’s message made perfect sense.”

MBA student Laura Gething, Communication’s Manager of Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, also reflected on this event: “Many of the points that Ms. Kelley made were exceptionally interesting. The section of her presentation about why China is too large to ignore when considering investments gave fascinating insight to investment banking on the other side of the globe. The comparative ratios of income and savings in the US and China highlighted differences in the way the general public in each of these societies operates financially. From an investment firm’s perspective, Ms. Kelley explained why it is critical to be an established market leader in the US and other developed markets, and how a strong presence in fast growing emerging markets, especially China, will be a key driver of long-term success. Not being terribly very well versed in global economics or the investment industry myself, I thought this lecture provided exceptional insight into how investment is really a global business and the ways in which everything is interconnected.”

Ms. Kelley is winner of the 2012 Diamond Awards by Pittsburgh Business Times.

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