Dr. Mu and Dr. Stern recognized at the Pittsburgh Mayor’s press conference

Our very own Dr. Mu and Dr. Stern recognized at the City’s press conference about their switch to Google Applications!

Dr. Stern, who has resigned from his post as the city’s Chief Information Officer to join Carlow faculty, was recognized by mayor Luke Ravenstahl for his effort in converting the city’s information infrastructure from Microsoft to Google products, which represented a major government commitment to cloud computing.

Dr. Mu facilitated the vendor selection process by applying the principles of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), and his contribution was recognized by the major at the press conference. Dr. Mu is a world leading expert on the AHP methodology, a structure technique for making highly complex decisions. Dr. Mu teaches AHP in the MBA course Decision Making for leaders and serves as editor in chief for the International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process. He teaches the AHP methodology and consults on managerial decision making projects worldwide.


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